Struggling to find the correct artwork size?

Choosing the right size of artwork is essential to enhance the aesthetics of your space and create the desired visual impact. Whether you're an interior designer or an art enthusiast, it's important that the artwork size suits your space so the art doesn't become 'lost'. Choosing the correct artwork and size can truly elevate your space. 

To simplify the process, we have created a visual guide that will help you select the perfect-sized artwork to complement your room effortlessly. 


Our Premium Framed Prints 

Artwork size guide, sofa, wall art


Our Premium Framed Canvases 

Framed canvas wall art


Don't see the size that you need?

We also have offer bespoke custom art orders, so if you have an unique space or specific designs needs, contact our team for personalised guidance and quotes on custom art sizes.


Professional Tip!

A larger piece can make a bold statement, while a smaller piece can add a subtle touch of elegance. Consider the size of your wall, the surrounding furniture, and the desired visual impact when selecting the perfect size for your artwork.